Hey, I'm Stefan Riehl

Digital Consultant and Software Developer

I ran a consultancy that helps businesses of all sizes to turn their great ideas into apps, digital services and products. No matter if you already have a setup or planning new projects, I help you to implement successful services.


With more than 20+ years of digital industry experience, I have successfully implemented numerous projects.
My expertise covers a wide range of services, but my focus is on the realization of Laravel projects at any size.
Whether new or existing projects:
I advise you in all technical, user experience and strategic questions
With an agile development process you'll see results iterative and much faster. Whether website, admin dashboards or API development.
You need a team lead or technical partner? I will work closely with your team to help you deliver maximum value.


I use plenty of modern, cool tools and services. Here you got some of the best covered.
Logomark Laravel Framework
Laravel is one of the best PHP Frameworks on the planet. Fast, secure and reliable.

Tailwind CSS Tailwind CSS
A utility-first CSS framework for building really fast any kind of custom designs.

Tailwind CSS
Bootstrap Bootstrap
Bootstrap is the world’s most popular front-end CSS library.

Livewire is a full-stack framework for Laravel that makes building dynamic interfaces simple, without leaving the comfort of Laravel.

Alpine.js offers you the reactive and declarative nature of big frameworks like Vue or React at a much lower cost.

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is the world's largest Cloud Provider. A large number of services make the development process much faster.

Amazon Web Services

Working Examples

A small collection of projects I loved to work on in the last couple of years...
High Performance Music Platform
Built a music platform for music creators to easily upload and sell their music online. Integrated Paypal payments, audio processing and advanced online mp3 player.
Laravel, Tailwind CSS, Livewire, AlpineJS, MySql, Webservices, AWS
Starting gemz.io
It's a side project working in my spare time. gemz.watch will be a website analysis tool. Started with some open source packages.
Laravel, Tailwind CSS, Livewire, AlpineJS, MySql, Webservices, AWS
Log & Monitoring System
Built a log and monitoring system for websites to report Laravel error logs, check constantly uptime, SSL certificates and connect with Laravel Forge for server management. The system has a wonderful, interactive dashboard for teams.
Laravel, Tailwind CSS, Livewire, AlpineJS, MySql, Webservices
High Secure Communication Platform
SaaS Platform for GDPR-compliant high secure communication between 2-n parties for insurance companies. It contains a chat, e-signatures and encrypted file handling up to 2gb upload. It's like WhatsApp for enterprises, but highly secure and only web-based.
Laravel, PHP7, Webservices, Security, Docker, CI/CD
Event Management API
Developed a high performance event management API. Receiving millions of events with a schema less data structure. The schema of the data will be automagically detected. The events can be analyzed and searched by a flexible and powerful query engine.
Laravel, PHP7, MongoDB, Webservices, Docker, CI/CD
Video Personalization Platform
Realized a platform to create personalized videos for any complexity. Used third-party software of impossible software to built that kind of system.
Laravel, PHP7, Mysql, Queues, Redis
File Management System
File storage API with encryption at rest, virus scan, and image manipulation. The file delivery for time based access is done with signatures. The files are stored within a s3-compatible object storage. Uploads are possible up to 2gb files while using the tus-protocol.
Laravel, PHP7, Webservices, Docker, Redis, Mysql, Queues, Security, CI/CD
ML Driven Decision Engine
A very cool decision engine: you can use this system to make decisions based upon predefined complex rules. For this project I used the CART algorithm (ML);
Laravel, PHP7, Webservices, Docker, Redis, Mysql, Queues, ML, CI/CD
Company Service Portal
Built an internal service portal with account management, project management, time reporting, invoices, cost management for ~60-100 users.
Laravel, PHP7, Mysql

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